Thursday, September 26, 2013

US History: ALSO DUE MONDAY, 9/30...JUST ADDED!!!!!!

Go to the following Power Point presentation and copy it into your notes.  It belongs in Chapter 4. You will have a "did you do it" quiz on it Monday, 9/30.  I will ask you questions about the notes and you will copy your answers from those notes.   

PPT – Albany Plan of Union PowerPoint presentation | free to view

You do NOT have to write to "Do now."

You DO have to have a picture of the flag taped into your notes.  Print out a copy (or do a Google search for that cartoon) and tape it into your notes. 

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  1. Lourdes Cruz, period 3. I can't view the powerpoint notes due for tomorrow on my tablet or phone, and they are not on engrade.