Saturday, September 28, 2013

Global II Parents, this is for you!

Please be advised that your student's review for Monday's Exam was posted in Quizlet on September 19th.  This has given them 11 days prior to the exam to review.  As explained to all students, I use prior Regents questions on my exams, they are given at Regents pace (1 question per minute determines how much time they get for the exam), and no extra time is given unless the student has an IEP allowing that.

I do not drop the lowest grade, and it appears from the Quizlet site that practically no one has signed into the review.  I am posting this for you because, as I warned the students, it is my belief that students who do not study will fail.  I base this on the last 15 years of teaching this course.

Please encourage your student to study.  The test is challenging but based on the information covered in class and on the assigned homework.

Thank you for your assistance in helping make your student as successful as possible!

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