Sunday, November 24, 2013

Global II: Homework thru 12/3

As stated in class:
Section 1 is due Monday, 11/25
Section 2 is due Tuesday, 11/26
Sections 3 & 4 are due Monday, 12/2
Section 5 is due Tuesday, 12/3 (you did not get Section 5 in class on Friday)
(textbook pages may vary - follow the chapter & section number for the most accuracy)

Your packet - with this & the rest of your work - will be handed out as soon as the copiers are working again.  Until then, your HW will only be posted here.


Chapter 27 Section 1:

Imperialists Divide Africa (pp. 684-89)

  1. How were Africans divided before “new imperialism” began?
  2. Why had Europeans been unsuccessful in conquering Africa in the past?
  3. How did newspapers help fuel the drive for imperialism?
  4. Why is Dr. Livingstone important?
  5. Why did the Belgian Congo alarm France?
  6. How did the Industrial Revolution help fuel imperialism?
  7. Why did Europeans believe they were better than other people?
  8. How did Social Darwinism explain imperialism?
  9. Why were Europeans able to defeat and colonize Africans?
  10. Why didn’t the Zulus, Boers, and British get along?
  11. How did the Berlin Conference affect Africa?
  12. Why was the Boer War fought?
  13. How did European imperialism change life in Africa?


Chapter 27 Section 2:

Imperialism: Case Study: Nigeria (pp. 690-6)

  1. How did the Europeans create the new borders of Africa?
  2. How are “old imperialism” and “new imperialism” different?
  3. How is indirect and direct control different?
  4. Why did the French practice assimilation in their colonies?
  5. Why was the Maji Maji uprising unsuccessful?
  6. Why is the Battle of Adowa important?
  7. How did imperialism positively affect Africa?
  8. How did imperialism negatively affect Africa?
  9. How were African cultures and traditions changed by colonization?


Chapter 27 Section 3:

Muslim Lands Fall to Imperialist Demands (pp. 697-700)

1.    How did corruption affect the Ottoman Empire?

  1. How did nationalism affect the Ottoman Empire?
  2. How did geopolitics affect the Ottoman Empire?
  3. How did Muhammad Ali modernize Egypt?
  4. Why was the Suez Canal important?
  5. Why did the British want to control the Suez Canal?
  6. Why did the British want to colonize Afghanistan?
  7. How the granting of concessions to Western businesses divide the people of Persia?


Chapter 27 Section 4:

British Imperialism in India (pp. 701-5)

  1. Why was India considered England’s “jewel in the crown?”
  2. Why was India economically dependent on England?
  3. Why were the railroads important in India?
  4. How did India benefit from British imperialism?
  5. How did British imperialism negatively affect India?
  6. Why did the Sepoy Mutiny occur?
  7. Why were Indians unable to unite against the British?
  8. Why was the Sepoy Mutiny a turning point in Indian history?
  9. Why was nationalism an important force in India?


Chapter 27 Section 5:

Western Powers Rule Southeast Asia (pp. 706-9)

  1. Why did Europeans want to control Southeast Asia?
  2. How were British and Dutch settlers different?
  3. Why did the British encourage Chinese to immigrate to Malaysia?
  4. Why did the Vietnamese resent the French?
  5. How did colonization positively affect Southeast Asia?
  6. How did colonization negatively affect Southeast Asia?
  7. How was Siam able to remain free from colonization?



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