Monday, November 11, 2013

US History: Homework due Monday, 11/18

Be forewarned - this is not your ONLY assignment due on the 18th.  However, you won't have your HW packet until shortly before this date.

You have a Castle Learning TEST opening tomorrow afternoon (11/12) & closing at 6 AM on Monday, 11/18.  This will count as a TEST GRADE, so no "second chance credit."  Use your notes & textbook to help you.  This counts the exact same way an in-class test does.  Since MANY of you elected to take a ZERO on the last Castle Learning test, I highly recommend you NOT start of the 2nd Marking Period in that manner.  (Yes, the 18th starts the 2nd MP already!!)

This will also be on your HW sheet, but I am giving you advance notice to use this week to get it done!

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