Sunday, November 24, 2013

US History: Extra Credit Opportunities

Opportunity #1:  Write an original 2 page "paper" on the Gadsden Purchase.  Be sure to include reasons for the Purchase, how it was purchased, the effects of the Purchase, etc.

Opportunity #2:  Write an original 2 page "paper" on the Mexican Cession.  Be sure to include reasons, how the land was acquired, the effects of the Cession, etc.

Opportunity #3:  See Engrade calendar (look at 11/25.)  It has nothing to do with the videos.

You may do any combination. 
They are due at the beginning of class Tuesday, no exceptions.
You MUST incorporate the videos into your paper.
Copying from any source will lead to a denial of credit & cause you to lose the opportunity for future extra credit.

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