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US History: Homework thru 12/5

Chapter 10 Homework:
Ch 10 Sec 1 Questions due Monday, 12/2
Ch 10 Sec 2 Questions due Monday, 12/2
Ch 10 Sec 3 Questions due Tuesday, 12/3
Ch 10 Sec 4, Part 1 Questions due Wed., 12/4
Ch 10 Sec 4, Part 2 Questions due Thursday, 12/5
(textbook pages may vary - follow the chapter & section number for the most accuracy)

Your packet - with this & the rest of your work - will be handed out as soon as the copiers are working again.  Until then, your HW will only be posted here.
Chapter 10 Questions
Chapter 10 Section 1: The Divisive Politics of Slavery
1.    How did immigration affect the North politically?
2.    Why were immigrants against the expansion of slavery?
3.    What was the purpose of the Wilmot Proviso?
4.    What constitutional issues did Southerners believe were raised in the Wilmot Proviso?
5.    Why was California allowed to enter the Union as a free state despite being “below” the Missouri Compromise line?
6.    Why did the South threaten to secede in 1849?
7.    What were the terms of the Compromise of 1850?
8.    Identify all leaders involved in the debates of the Compromise of 1850.
9.    Why did the South finally accept the terms of the Compromise?
Chapter 10 Section 2: Protest, Resistance, & Violence
1.    Identify the terms of the Fugitive Slave Act.
2.    Describe the Underground Railroad.
3.    Why is Harriet Tubman important?
4.    Explain the importance of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
5.    How did Uncle Tom’s Cabin influence the North?
6.    How did Uncle Tom’s Cabin influence the South?
7.    Identify the goals of the Kansas-Nebraska Act.
8.    What was the debate over the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
9.    Describe “Bleeding Kansas” in detail.
10.  Why is John Brown important?
11.  How did the Kansas-Nebraska Act affect the relationship between the North & the South?
Chapter 10 Section 3: The Birth of the Republican Party
1.     Why & how was the Whig Party divided?
2.    Describe nativism.
3.    Why did nativism come about in the North?
4.    How did the Know-Nothing Party develop?
5.    Identify & describe the goals of the Free Soiler's Party.
6.    What were the goals of the Republican Party?
7.    What types of groups & people did the Republican Party attract?
8.    What did President Buchanan’s election “make clear?”
Chapter 10 Section 4, Part 1: Slavery & Secession
1.    Describe the situation that led to Dred Scott v. Sanford.
2.    What were the two legal questions the Supreme Court faced in Dred Scott v. Sanford?
3.    What were the decisions in Dred Scott v. Sanford?
4.    Why is the Lecompton Constitution important?
5.    What were the differences in beliefs between Stephen Douglas & Abraham Lincoln?  (You can make a chart for the question only,)
6.    Why are the Lincoln-Douglas debates important?
7.    Why is the Freeport Doctrine important?
Chapter 10 Section 4, Part 2: Slavery & Secession
8.    Describe the events of Harper’s Ferry in October 1859.
9.    Who led the raid on Harper’s Ferry?
10.  What happened to John Brown?
11.  What was the reaction of the South to Harper’s Ferry?
12.  What did Lincoln win & not win (vote-wise) in the Election of 1860?
13.  How did South Carolina respond to the election of Lincoln?
14.  What nation did the secessionist states form?
15.  Who became the President of that nation (from question 14)?
16.  Why was secession a problem for Washington, DC?

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