Sunday, April 6, 2014

ALL COURSES: Required Regents Review Supplies as of May 2nd

Required Supplies as of May 2nd!

You must have the following items with you in class
EVERY DAY in order to
fully participate in your review & to be
considered prepared:

  • Lined (ruled) 3x5 Index cards
NO LESS THAN 300 & ONLY 3x5 SIZE.  You will likely use them all for US History (Global students may need 100-200 additional cards depending on your Global I knowledge.)  You need roughly 50 per day in class.
  • 3x5 index card dividers (1 pack)
These are usually manila colored, alphabetical tabs are fine.  Plastic is not a good option as you will be unable to write on it & are not allowed to have Sharpies in school. Post-it’s or any similar items are not acceptable substitutes.  You need roughly 5 per day in class.
  • AT LEAST 2 identical, standard blue ink pens OR 2 standard black ink pens
NO GEL PENS since they CANNOT be used on the State Answer Sheet for the Regents Exam.  Erasable ink is NOT permitted.
  • Binder with paper for charts, essays, and handouts
  • 3x5 index card holder to keep review flashcards organized
  • Highlighter
  • You are not required to purchase a review book
The District has graciously bought books for our use.  This book belongs to the school and must be returned in excellent condition.  Students are not permitted to write in the book with the exception of their name inside the front cover.

PLEASE NOTE:  White out in ANY FORM is not permitted in the Regents Exam.  Do not bring it to class or use it on your assignments – get used to crossing out any errors you make!


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