Monday, April 21, 2014

All Students: Reminders!!

Some reminders for the 4th Marking Period:

1.  All Regents Review materials are due in class on May 2nd.  It is a test grade, there is no partial credit.

2.  I no longer accept late work.

3.  Incomplete work will no longer receive partial credit.

4.  Once Regents Review begins, there will be no make ups or extra help.

5.  My Regents Reviews will be offered for those students who are in class daily, prepared, doing all work as assigned, not cutting, not late, with no history of discipline issues in class.  All others are welcome to attend the reviews given twice a week by teachers getting paid to do them.

6.  My reviews begin May 16th.  Information is forthcoming.

7.  The work you gave me is posted in Engrade, the numbers there are the numbers you gave me.  Don't like you average?  You should have given me different or better work.

8.  The 4th MP is VERY short because of final exams & 10 days of Regents.  By the time progress reports go home the quarter is really over.  There is NO "recovery time" built in.

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