Tuesday, April 29, 2014

All Students: IMPORTANT Castle Learning Message!


There is an issue with Castle Learning regarding the timed test feature.  I have no idea why it isn't working properly, but it isn't.

You CANNOT log out of the exam once you start it.  If you do, you will be "timed out."  I have checked all tests in all courses and have sent an email if this happened to you prior to this email.  Be sure you read it for further instructions.

Again, be sure you have the time to finish the test (42 minutes or less) when you log in.  Also be sure that you do the exam by the deadlines posted on the blog. If you don't, you have a ZERO on the exam that CANNOT BE MADE UP.  Plenty of time was allowed for you to do the exams on school computers and, since it is online, there is no "absence"...so NO MAKE UP'S.

If you can't find the time to do your work what you're telling me is you are looking forward to repeating your course again next year.

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