Tuesday, June 25, 2013

90+ Update - US Regents


The diner I was planning on going to closed, go figure.  We're either going to Bertucci's on Motor parkway OR the diner at the corner of the Vets Hwy & Rte 347 split, also In Hauppauge (take Route 111 down to Vets Hwy, turn left, it's about a block down.)  In all likelihood, it will be the diner (gives everyone a lot of variety.)

What IS set is this:
  • This Saturday, June 29th
  • 5 PM - you need to be on time since I have to make a reservation.
  • You need a ride there & a ride back.  Try to carpool so you don't aggravate your parents more than necessary.
I will post tomorrow which place, if it matters.  What I need to know is who can make it because I need to see about reservations.

If you didn't email me by the deadline, you should have your report card by now and know if you got a 90.  I don't have the names handy, but I will post those by tomorrow afternoon as well.

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