Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Diner for Dinner - Read me!

No RSVP by deadline, no dinner.  You will not be able to just show up & eat, sorry.  RSVP by 1 pm FRIDAY, June 28th, or you lose out on dinner.  If you show up without RSVP'ing, you will not be sitting with us, not will I be paying for you.  No kidding.  Mr. Ramo won't fall for it either.

Steven Gomez
Brandon Hill
Blanca Nolasco
Gordon Olekanma
Monica Ortiz - RSVP'd
Diana Pena - RSVP'd
Alexis Pineda

The diner seems to be our best bet.  I need to make a reservation by Friday afternoon...if they let me make one.  The diner is quick & easy to get to despite how far it looks on the map. 

Please post HERE, with your name, so I know if you will be joining us.  You will need a ride there & home.  You do not need any money.  School district insurance & policy prevents me from transporting you in my car.

Here is a link to the diner so you can get directions that are best for you:

Again, please post HERE with your name and let me know if you will be joining us.  I need to call the diner by early afternoon Friday, so please post by 1 PM Friday.  Be sure you have a ride there & back before you post.  I listed the names so you can arrange car pools with each other.


  1. Monica Ortiz
    Diana said I can ride with her :)

    1. So you & Diana can be there at 5 pm Saturday, correct?
      ~ Mrs. Ramo

    2. yes we will

    3. OK, have you both down on my RSVP list!

  2. Everyone ~
    I must stress that if I don't get your RSVP by the deadline in the post you can't meet us for dinner, sorry. You cannot simply show up, you will not be seated with us, I will not pay for your dinner.
    ~ Mrs. Ramo