Thursday, June 13, 2013

Global II: Last Extra Credit...what did you write about?

I'm curious - what 2 revolutions did you pick to write about?  Did you notice that the theme was CHANGE and not Conflict?  If you didn't write about "before" & "after" the revolution you did not satisfy the theme.  I warned you about the theme of change - not doing before & after means you did not show a change.  You had to write about ANY REVOLUTION for your change.

Here's an example:  if you used the Iranian Revolution, you would have had to talk about life in Iran before (dictator or being westernized or women having rights) and after (fundamentalism or women lose all rights or theocracy.)

So while I'm here doing you're averages, post the following for a little extra credit:
  • Which 2 revolutions to you write about
  • Which 2 topics in the DBQ did you choose? (the Mongols & stirrups & bows, the Spanish & caravels, or India & railroads were your choices, and you had to pick two of them)
Don't lie, because I'll deduct points from your average when I find out after seeing your tests Friday.

Post a comment telling me about both bullets above with your fist & last name.  You know, if you want some extra credit.  If you don't, ignore this.


  1. Ilsia Bonilla period 6
    I chose the French and industrial revolution
    For the DBQ I chose the Spanish and the caravels and India and railroads

  2. Alyssa Epstein period 2
    I chose the Industrial Revolution and the Russian Revolution for the thematic essay. And for the DBQ, I chose the railroads in India, and the Mongols and the stirrups/bows

  3. Shayan Mazhar
    I chose the French and chinese cultural revolution
    For the DBQ I chose the Spanish and the caravels and mongols stirrups/bows

  4. Hello Mrs Ramo this is Darrell Dadzie per 2 the two revolution that I choose was the industrial revolution and the culture revolution. For the industrial revolution I explained how before items, goods, and production was handmade. But now after that everything was made by machines. Because machines were built to work faster make items faster make it more efficient. You didn't have to pay by hour or feed them, because they are machines that runs on engine. Also the machines wouldn't complain about the hard labor are for some rest because d=they will go continuously until the someone clicks the stop button . also machines don't get tired as before the human's making the handmade items would get really tired and lazy thus making goods and items slower, and not that productive. so this lead many workers usually the middle class to be very angry at the machines and started a revolt on how machines took over their jobs. All the workers were nothing without their jobs leading many middle class workers form rural areas moving to the city called urbanization. But even though moving to the city was the best choice for this workers. There was lot of negative impacts towards it. It caused many people to have accidents pollution, and the place populated with a bunch of people leading to many fights and arguments. But the positive outcome for the workers moving to the city because many workers were able to get new and improved jobs to feed their family and get more money for. For the cultural revolution I wrote about Mao Zedong was the first communist leader in china , how before he was a good leader to the people he treat the peasant and people right and gave women rights. Also how he made up the great leap forward -increasing industry and how it was similar to Stalin 5 year plan. also how he made communes for the peasant to work on agriculture - farming similar to Stalin collectivization were the peasant would work on big farms and plantation. China became a totalitarian state under communism. But after the great leap forward Mao tried to use for his country turned out to be a great leap backwards because the program failed, and people were not promised want Mao said they will get this leading many people wanting Mao out of their country. Peasants started revolting against Mao to because how they would barley get any food to eat and had to work long hours for him. After the major fail Mao has done. it lead him to doing the cultural revolution were Mao promised good things under his communist ideas and make it better. And would try to strengthen his ideas again to the people. For the DBQ I choose India railroads and the Mongols stirrups and bows. Thank You have a great summer

  5. Bianca Hernandes period, 6
    For the thematic essay I chose, the industrial revolution and the chinese cultural revolution.
    For the DBQ I chose, the railroads in India & the Spanish caravels.

  6. David Contreras period 6
    For the essay i chose the Iranian Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution.
    For the dbq i chose the Spanish caravels and railroads in India.

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  8. Patrick Hansen. Period 6. for the thematic essay i chose the french and green revolutions. these were probably not the best choices to choose, but these were the two revolutions i could write the most correct info about. For the DBQ essay i chose the mongols with the stirrups and longbow, and the spanish caravels.

  9. Destiny smalls period 6
    Two revolutions - Latin American and French
    Dbq - spanish and caravel and india and the railroad