Thursday, June 6, 2013

Walkers & Review Tomrorow:

Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be terrible.  If you are attending review and supposed to walk home, please try to make alternate arrangements.  I'm not keeping anyone who has to walk through a tropical storm to get home, it's just too dangerous, and the last thing you need is to be sick for the Regents Exam.  Please see me before the start of the day if this applies to you so we can try to figure something out before crossing you off the list.

All students signed up should be in the room no later than 2:00.  Prepared.


  1. Mrs. Ramo. Can you send me a text or something when you find out my regents grade? Only because I'm a graduating junior and need to know.

    Or if it's more convenient, can you post up on your blog like a secret code saying Diana Pena -- Pass/Fail?

    Whatever is convenient. I am just wondering. But if you can't, I understand.

    1. Give me your phone number when I see you Tuesday. I will call you as soon as we have grades, but understand that it won't be until the Mondays or Tuesday after your test (June 17th or 18th.)

      Mr. Shine has review from 12-4 on Tuesday, 6/11, mine is from 2-8. I think you'll be fine, but it's good not to be overconfident. :) (Still, take a breath. You do REALLY well & I have full confidence in you!)

    2. Ok, thank you so much Mrs. Ramo! I highly appreciate it!