Wednesday, June 12, 2013

US History Regents Results are in!!!!

No, they're not, I just wanted you to read this.  Consider it payback for some of the stuff you did to me this year. :)

While I never have a "favorite" class - they're all great & terrible in their own ways - I truly must say that you guys were the most fun I have had with a class (overall) in a really long time.  Maybe because you're Juniors & I don't teach Juniors as a rule, maybe you were (mostly) just a good group that "meshed" well together over time, maybe it was because we had to figure out this course together since I didn't find out about it until the end of last July.

95% of you were fun most days, made me laugh most days, and made me look forward to ending my teaching day with you. 

I couldn't be more proud of you today - you all showed up, you were prepared, and you wrote more and longer than a lot of the kids in that gym who had teachers that have taught this course their entire career.  Those other kids didn't have it any easier than you today from what I saw - and you got through the test with much more ease than they did.

I hope you have a fantastic summer and wish you the best of luck in your Senior year. 

And, and those Regents grades...we won't know them before Tuesday if it goes the same way it did last year.  When I have them back from BOCES I will post here with info on how you can find out your grade.  I can no longer access school email at home so don't email me at work.  I'm grading all day as of Friday so won't be checking my email anyway.

Check back here every afternoon starting Monday for updates on grades &, as necessary, dinner plans. :)

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