Friday, June 7, 2013

Review Attendees, June 7th

The following students attended review from 2-7 PM today:

Global II:
Carlos V., Alyssa E., Patrick H., Lachana T., Emmanuel M., Juan P., Blanca S., Darrell D., Dara L., Kevin R., karran S., Vanessa C., Shayan M., & David C.
SIGNED UP BUT CUT: Ilsia B., Destiny S.

US History:
Gordon O., Brandon H., Katherine R., Diana P., & Kenia T.
SIGNED UP BUT CUT: Cristian C., Omarlyn R.


  1. hi mrs ramo it's Ilsia , I'm pretty sure I didn't sign up for Fridays review and only the one for Tuesday that's weird
    but I apologize for not going . I promise I will be there on Tuesday ! again , I apologize for not going

    1. Hi Ilsia - you were definitely on the list for Friday - I had the list next to me when typing the post for parents to see if their' student was really at review or not. I highlight everyone who shows up. I don't know if you are on Tuesday's list - you should check that out on Monday (in 2534, before the 1st session starts, since I will probably not remember to bring the sheet to your classroom later in the day.) Perhaps you signed up for the wrong one?