Tuesday, June 18, 2013

US History Regents results are in!

I will not post scores online.  If you would like to know your Regents score, you must email me at:

You must put your first & last name in the subject.  If you do not, your email will automatically be considered spam.  If it does, any future emails will automatically go into the spam folder and will not be seen or read. 

If you don't follow these instructions, you'll have to wait for your grade until your report card.

I will only email people back through Thursday evening.  If your email is not received by 2 PM Thursday, I will not respond to it, even if you follow all of the instructions.

I am not able to check school email during the day because of all of the Global Regents grading, and I can no longer access it at home.  If you send me an email to the school address it will not be read.

7 of you got 90 or better - if you are one of them, check back here in a few days for details on our dinner date.


  1. why wouldn't you get to us back after thrusday does that mean we failed

  2. I sent the email, with my name in the subject and I still have not received anything - vanessa martinez

  3. Either I did not get an email from you or it came in after Thursday's deadline. Grades were turned in at the time I posted as the deadline. Every email I received by that date/time was answered. The score will be on your report card.
    ~ Mrs. Ramo