Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Final Review is June 11th - sign up required by Thursday, June 6th

The final Regents Review is Tuesday, June 11th from
2:10 PM - 8 PM. 

Regents Exams will be going on at the same time as review, but we have received special permission from Mr. Murphy to have this last review time together.  However, having an active Regents exam does pose problems that will cause some unique circumstances for students attending.  Please read the following list carefully since it is different from anything else you have done this year.
  1. All students who sign up for this review will receive a required pass during their mandatory final exam meeting.  If you are late for or miss that session, you cannot attend review on June 11th.  Period.
  2. If you have an afternoon exam on June 11th, you may attend review as soon as you are released from (or finish) your test. 
    1. If you turned in an electronic device, bring the pass you received in class duing the final exam period to the front lobby of your building, show it to the people at the tables, retrieve your stuff, LEAVE IT TURNED OFF, and come fdirfectly to 2534. 
    2. If you are taking an exam in the ROSS BUILDING, you must get your stuff form there and walk to Sonderling OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING.  You will NOT be permitted to walk through the buildings.  Once in Sonderling, show your pass to the people at the tables.  Again, ALL ELECTRONICS MUST BE TURNED OFF.
  3. If you do NOT have an afternoon test on June 11th, you have 2 options: 
    1. You can come in on the 11-something bus for afternoon tests and wait in the cafeteria until 2:10, then follow the list above.  You will have to turn in your electronics when you enter even if you are not taking a test.  Bring your flash cards and study, study, study while you wait for me to be "off the clock" so we can start review.  At 2 pm get your electronics back, show your pass, LEAVE THEM OFF, and come directly to 2534.
    2. Have someone drop you off BEFORE 2:10.  I have a list of those taking the afternoon exam.  If you're not on it & you're late to review..."buh-bye."  Get it?  TURN OFF ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES, show your pass to the people at the table, and come directly to 2534.
Once in our room, you will be required to turn in your devices to me until all testing in the building has ended.  This means you cannot call to text your friends, parents, or anyone else.  If you do, you jeopardize every single exam in the building at that time and get yourself thrown out of the building.  You may have your stuff back after all tests have been collected or you leave at 8 PM, which ever comes first.

Please ALSO be reminded of the following:
  • There are no "walk-ins."  If you are not signed up by the end of your class Thursday you have missed the cut-off and cannot attend.
  • Space is limited to 24 students.
  • If you are not in the room by 2:10 ON THE ROOM CLOCK you will not be admitted.  For the record, I don't care what time your phone says.  Be early & you won't have a problem.  This applies only to those not taking an afternoon Regents on June 11th.
  • You should have a pen & highlighter at review.
  • Bring a drink.  You can't wander through the building to the drink machine.  Once in the room, you must remain there.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - PARENTS & GUARDIANS: Please be ON TIME to pick up your student.  Arriving between 7:30 & 8 PM is fine, but please make arrangements to have your student picked up NO LATER THAN 8 PM! 

As always, I will not entertain any form of behavioral issue.  This is my free time as well as the free time of those students who attend - our common goal is success on the Regents.  Anyone who cannot abide by basic rules of etiquette & politeness will be told to leave the room & building.  There will be no second chances & students will not be permitted to attend further review.

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