Sunday, October 27, 2013

Global II: Chapter 25 HW Questions

Chapter 25 Section 1:

The Beginnings of Industrialization (pp. 633-7)

  1. Why was an agrarian revolution necessary?
  2. Why was crop rotation successful?
  3. How did political stability give Great Britain an advantage over other countries?
  4. Name and describe two technological advances in the textile industry.
  5. How did industrialization affect transportation?
  6. Why did railroads “revolutionize life?”


Chapter 25 Section 2:

Industrialization: Case Study in Manchester (pp. 638-42)

  1. Explain the positive and negative impacts of urbanization.
  2. Why were there tensions between the social classes?
  3. Identify eight positive effects of the Industrial Revolution.
  4. Identify two negative effects of the Industrial Revolution.
  5. Why was child labor acceptable?
  6. How did factories affect the environment?


Chapter 25 Section 3:

Industrialization Spreads (pp. 643-6)

  1. How was the American textile industry changed by the Industrial Revolution?
  2. How did industrialization affect the Northeast?
  3. Explain the ways businesses could make profit.
  4. Describe the two main impacts the Industrial Revolution had on the global community.


Chapter 25 Section 4:

An Age of Reform (pp. 647-52)

  1. Explain Adam Smith’s ideas.
  2. Explain Thomas Malthus’ ideas.
  3. Explain David Ricardo’s ideas.
  4. Describe utilitarianism.
  5. How did Robert Owen carry out utopian ideals?
  6. Why did socialism develop?
  7. Explain Karl Marx’s ideas.
  8. How did unions help the working class?
  9. How did the Industrial Revolution affect women?
  10. How did the reforms movement provide lasting affects in the United States?


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