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US History: Chapter 7 HW Questions

Chapter 7 Questions

Section 1: Regional Economies Create Differences

1.    How did Eli Whitney affect the South?

2.    How did interchangeable parts & mass production affect production in the United States?

3.    Why did the Industrial revolution begin in the United States?

4.    How did Jefferson help start the Industrial Revolution in the United States?

5.    Why did New England industrialize?

6.    How did textiles affect New England’s industrialization process?

7.    Why is Lowell, MA important?

8.    Why did Northerners turn away from agriculture?

9.    Why did cotton “become king” in the South?

10.  How did Whitney’s Cotton Gin change the cotton industry?

11.  How is slavery tied to the Cotton Gin?

12.  Who proposed the American System?

13.  Describe the American System.

14.  Why did Madison propose the Tariff of 1816?

15.  Why were the National Road & Erie Canal important improvements to the United States?


Section 2: Nationalism at Center Stage

1.    Why is Robert Fulton important?

2.    Explain the issue in Gibbons v. Ogden.

3.    Explain the decision in Gibbons v. Ogden.

4.    Explain the issue in McCulloch v. Maryland.

5.    Explain the decision in McCulloch v. Maryland.

6.    How did nationalism influence John Quincy Adam’s policies at Secretary of State?

7.    How did the United States gain Florida?

8.    Explain the Monroe Doctrine.

9.    Why did people move westward?

10.  Why was there an issue with Missouri becoming a state?

11.  Describe the Missouri Compromise.

12.  How did the Missouri Compromise affect the United States?


Section 3: The Age of Jackson

1.    What did the deaths of John Adams & Thomas Jefferson represent?

2.    Describe the results of the Election of 1824.

3.    Why was it decided that Adams won the presidential election?

4.    How did Jackson’s supporters respond to the declaration of Adam’s being named president?

5.    How did Adams affect voting rights in the United States?

6.    How did Jackson attempt to win the 1828 Election?

7.    In your own words, describe Jackson’s “spoils system.”

8.    Do you think the spoils system was a good idea or a bad one – and fully explain your opinion.

9.    Who were the “Five Civilized Tribes?”

10.  Explain the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

11.  Why is the “Trail of Tears” an appropriate name for that event?

12.  Explain the issue in Worcester v. Georgia.

13.  Explain the decision in Worcester v. Georgia.


Section 4: Jackson, State’s Rights, and the National Bank

1.    Why was the 1828 tariff called an “abomination?”

2.    How did the Tariff of 1828 affect the South?

3.    How did the Tariff of 1828 affect the North?

4.    Why did Vice President Calhoun devise a nullification theory?

5.    Why didn’t Calhoun sign his name to his theory?

6.    Why was the tariff question one of the great debate sin American history?

7.    What was the key question at hand, as identified by Daniel Webster?

8.    Why did South Caroline rebel in 1832?

9.    How did Jackson respond to South Carolina’s actions?

10.  Why did Jackson oppose the Bank of the United States?

11.  How did Jackson turn the American public against the Bank of the United States?

12.  Describe “pet banks.”

13.  How did pet banks affect American businesses?

14.  Why did the Whig Party develop?

15.  Describe the Panic of 1837.






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