Sunday, October 19, 2014


Please be reminded that make-up dates for each assignment is listed in the HW Due Dates post, right under the assignment.  Any homework quizzes missed due to legal absence since the last make-up date (usually the previous week, with rare exception) can also be made up on those same dates.  Make-ups are usually Thursdays, but no matter the day they are always after school.  You must be in the room by 2:05.  You will be given a bus pass & plenty of time to get to your locker if necessary. 

I am putting up this reminder because I am noticing the pattern that many of you are out for quiz/test days and then also skip the make-up date...and then tell me you are confused why your average is low.

The make-up dates are posted well in advance so you have fair warning to adjust your after-school schedule.  If you can't stay after, don't be out on quiz/test days!

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