Friday, October 24, 2014

Global II: Chapter 25 Writing Assignments

Writing Assignments:

All writing assignments should be 2-3 pages long (“front-back-front” is 3, not three full sheets!)  They must be labeled and handwritten.  You do not need to re-write the question.  Assignments that fail to meet the minimum length requirement will not be graded. Any assignment copied from any source instead of being done on your own will result is administrative intervention for plagiarism.


Writing Assignment #1:

·         Choose 1 invention from the Agrarian Revolution & 2 from the Industrial Revolution.  For each, name the invention, describe its purpose, & analyze how it helped advance society.

Writing Assignment #2:

·         You are a young girl working in a textile factory.  Write a diary entry describing your typical work day.

Writing Assignment #3:

·         Under penalty of a long prison term & torture, you are forced to pick if Karl Marx’s ideas are correct or if Adam Smith’s are right.  Write a letter to the judge hearing your case stating who you believe has the “right” idea and justify your opinion.  Be convincing or you will lose your case!

Writing Assignment #4:

·         Over a century later, was the Industrial Revolution more beneficial or more harmful to the global community?  Fully support your claim(s.)

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