Friday, October 24, 2014

US History: Chapter 7 Writing Assignments

Writing Assignments:

All writing assignments should be 2-3 pages long (“front-back-front” is 3, not three full sheets!)  They must be labeled and handwritten.  You do not need to re-write the question.  Assignments that fail to meet the minimum length requirement will not be graded. Any assignment copied from any source instead of being done on your own will result is administrative intervention for plagiarism.


Writing Assignment #1:

·         Suppose that you lived in the North during the early 1800s.  Write a letter to your cousin Freddy in

Europe telling him about the changes in transportation & daily life that were taking place during this time.

Writing Assignment #2:

·         Write a letter to President Monroe expressing your opinion about his Monroe Doctrine.  Be sure to justify your feelings on the matter.

Writing Assignment #3:

·         Write a letter to Henry Clay expressing your opinion on his Missouri Compromise.  Be sure to defend your opinion.

Writing Assignment #4:

·         Evaluate the “Age of Jackson.”

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