Wednesday, October 1, 2014

US History: Exam Review for Friday

Since only 4 of you - total - have done any studying for Friday's exam in Quizlet I feel the need to remind you that if you are not getting really good grades on the multiple choice class work quizzes (CWQ in Engrade grade book), you can't expect to do much better on the exam without practice & studying.

Quizlet review has been open for over a week, and your test in is 2 days.  Please take a look at your current average before you decide not to study.  If you have a good average, you'll want to keep it there!  If you don't, a solid test score can significantly raise it.

Remember, if it's in the Quizlet review, it's on the why not at least take a look at it?  It's like having a copy of the test in advance...

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