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US History: Chapter 6 Questions, All Sections

Chapter 6 Questions

Section 1: Washington Heads the New Government

1.    Why was George Washington chosen as our first President?

2.    How did Washington shape the Presidency?

3.    How did the Judiciary Act of 1789 affect the Judicial Branch?

4.    Describe Hamilton’s economic plans for the United States.

5.    Describe Jefferson’s economic plans for the United States.

6.    Why did some people oppose the idea of a national bank?

7.    Why did some people favor the idea of a national bank?

8.    Why was the capital city moved from New York to the District of Columbia?

9.    Why did political parties develop?

10.  Why did the Whiskey Rebellion happen?

11.  How did the Whiskey Rebellion affect the federal government?


Section 2: Foreign Affairs Trouble the Nation

1.    Why did many Americans support the French Revolution?

2.    Why was a declaration of neutrality issued by the U.S. in 1793?

3.    Why was westward expansion a problem after 1783?

4.    Why is John Jay’s Treaty (1794) important?

5.    Why were many settlers unhappy with Jay’s teary?

6.    Identify & explain the “problems” that were “caused by” the Electoral College in the Election of 1796.

7.    Why was sectionalism a problem by 1796?

8.    Why were the Alien and Sedition Acts passed?

9.    How did the Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions challenge the Federal Government?


Section 3: Jefferson Alters the Nation’s Course

1.    How did Lewis & Clark affect the United States?

2.    How did the Electoral College affect the Election of 1800?

3.    How did Hamilton “solve” the problem of the election of 1800?

4.     Explain the Twelfth Amendment and why it was passed (you may need to refer to the Constitution for the first past of this question.)

5.     How did Jefferson plan to change what Washington & Adams did in the federal government?

6.     Explain the “midnight judges.”

7.     What was the issue in Marbury v. Madison (1803)?

8.    What were the results of Marbury v. Madison?

9.    Explain the principle of judicial review.

10.  How did the Louisiana Purchase affect the U.S.?




Section 4: The War of 1812

1.    Who was “Uncle Sam?”

2.    Why did Americans believe the British were carrying out acts of aggression against the U.S.?

3.    Why did Jefferson want the Embargo Act of 1807 passed?

4.    How did Tecumseh attempt to keep his tribe’s land?

5.    Why did the war hawks call for war against Britain?

6.    Who won the Election of 1808?

7.    Why did the British burn the White House in 1814?

8.    Describe the Battle of New Orleans.

9.    How did the Treaty of Ghent affect the U.S.?





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