Thursday, October 2, 2014

US History: Monday's notes posted in Edmodo

You will have notes due on Monday.  They are already posted in Edmodo for those of you who are having internet issues at home.  You can print the notes out at the computer lab or library to take home if that's easier.  Also, if you are using your phone to look at & copy notes this may be an easier way for you as well.

I am going to send an Engrade email with a new Edmodo access code so you can get into the class site at school - please be sure to write the code down since you can't access Engrade at school (& don't take out your phone to do it & get in trouble for having your phone out!!)

I will also post the notes on the blog tomorrow, so if the blog is your site of choice no worries - they will be posted here tomorrow night!

The HW sheets for next week will be posted by tomorrow night, but the notes will be the only thing due on Monday.

Oh...and don't forget to study for tomorrow's test!!!! :)

See you then!

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