Thursday, October 23, 2014

US History: HW due tomorrow (Battle of New Orleans)

Here you go - the questions for your Battle of New Orleans handout.  Due tomorrow...and don't forget to study for your exam (right Melvin?!) :)

Please remember that "describe," "analyze, " compare & contrast," "imagine" all require at least a paragraph (let's say 5-7 sentences) to adequately answer the question.

Use ONLY the lyrics to the song in your answers.

And here's the link to the Lego version of the cute video I told you about, just in case you wanted to hear the banjoes again. ;)

1. Describe, with detail, the battle of New Orleans.
2. Who won?
3. Who led the American troops?
4. What was this leader's nickname?
5. Compare AND contrast the differing military strategies of the British & the Americans as used in this battle.
6. Analyze the morale of the American soldiers throughout this battle.
7. What do you imagine it must have been like to be a British soldier fighting this battle?
8. What do you imagine it must have been like to be an American soldier fighting this battle?

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