Saturday, May 9, 2015

All Students: If you received a zero for supplies...

As stated, having ALL of your Regents Review supplies in class was a TEST GRADE & due on Friday, May 8th.  Not having everything on your list would cause you to receive no credit.  Only 1 person told me they had difficulty purchasing supplies.

What should have been a very easy test grade of 100 for everyone was entered into my online grade book a few minutes ago.  If a "100" is listed there, no need to read any further.  If a "0" is listed, my recommendation is to continue reading...

I will give ONE sort-of amnesty day for this test grade.  It's amnesty in that I am willing to revisit checking your supplies on Monday, it is only "sort-of" because your maximum grade will be a 65, not 100.  That was Friday's on-time grade.

If you plan to take advantage of this, here are your instructions:
1.  Bring everything in, even anything you had with you Friday.  I will only entertain a completed supply list.

2.  You must come before 1st period to show me (our classroom, room 2534.)  I am generally in the room by 6:50, sometimes earlier. 
3.  The amnesty time period ends at 7:30 AM (by the clock in the classroom), since you should be on your way to 1st period by then and I'm getting ready to teach that same period.  If you are in my 1st period class, I will not look at your supplies after 7:30.  Fair is fair. 

4.  I will not look at supplies during any class period.  I spent time on that Friday, I will not be taking time away from other student's to do it a second be sure you show up before the deadline.

For those of you with a 0, I highly recommend you take advantage of this very limited but generous offer.

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