Sunday, May 10, 2015

Global II: Human & Physical Geography Review Questions

REMINDER: “NIB” Means “not it review book.”  You have flash cards, the internet, your prior knowledge, this year’s notes, last year’s notes…so leaving anything blank or putting an answer that shows zero effort are the same to me…and anything blank = no credit for the assignment.


REVIEW means remember or reminder, it is NOT reteach or relearn!!  If you slack off now you have NO SHOT at passing the Regents or the course, so make your decisions carefully.


Human & Physical Geography Review Questions



  1. What is the main geographic landform in the Middle East? (NIB)
  2. Why did early civilization begin in modern Iraq? (pp. 5-6)
  3. How did the Nile River help Ancient Egypt? (pp. 4-5)
  4. What are the internal impacts of oil as a resource? (pp. 249-50)
  5. What are the external impacts of oil as a resource? (pp. 249-50)
  6. Why is the Middle East considered “the crossroads of the world?” (p. 249)
  7. Geographically speaking, what is India considered? (p. 7)
  8. Identify the three main rivers in India. (p. 12)
  9. What are the impacts of monsoons? (p. 7)
  10. Why did ethnocentrism rise in China? (p. 7)
  11. How has the Yellow River (also called Huang-He or Hwang-Ho) affected China? (p. 7)
  12. How has geography affected Southeast Asia? (p. 115)
  13. How has water affected Southeast Asia? (p. 247)
  14. What type of geographic feature is Japan an example of? (p. 72)
  15. How has Japan’s geography affected its history? (pp. 72-3)
  16. How have mountains affected Japan? (p. 72-3)



  1. How has the Great Rift Valley affected Africa? (NIB)
  2. Identify one river in Africa and give one example how it has impacted Africa. (NIB)
  3. How has the Sahara Desert affected Africa? (NIB)
  4. Identify the longest river in Latin America. (NIB)
  5. How did mountains affect Greece? (p. 13)
  6. Identify the nations that are located in the plains of Europe. (pp. 54-5)
  7. How have the plains of Europe affected those nations that are in them? (NIB)
  8. On which two continents can you find nations belonging to the CIS? (NIB)
  9. What geographic feature did Russia historically desire? (NIB)
  10. How has Russia’s size affected it? (NIB)

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