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US History: Foreign Policy Review Questions

REMINDER: “NIB” Means “not it review book.”  You have flash cards, the internet, your prior knowledge, this year’s notes, last year’s notes…so leaving anything blank or putting an answer that shows zero effort are the same to me…and anything blank = no credit for the assignment.


REVIEW means remember or reminder, it is NOT reteach or relearn!!  If you slack off now you have NO SHOT at passing the Regents or the course, so make your decisions carefully.



Foreign Policy Review Questions



1.    What was the Good Neighbor Policy? (p. 159)

2.    Which President used the Good Neighbor Policy as his foreign policy? (p. 274)  

3.    What was the purpose of the Open Door Policy? (p. 152)

4.    What is imperialism? (p. 155)

5.    Why were some people in favor of imperialism? (p. 156)

6.    Which presidents were in favor of imperialism? (p. 155)

7.    Why were some people against imperialism? (p. 156)

8.    Which presidents were anti-imperialist? (p. 155)

9.    Explain the policy of Manifest Destiny. (p. 6)

10. What was the “divine mission” of Manifest Destiny? (p. 75)

11. How did Manifest Destiny affect Americans? (p. 75)

12. How did we “succeed” with manifest Destiny? (p. 150)

13. Which president first recommended neutrality as a foreign policy? (p. 52)

14. In which document was neutrality first discussed as a foreign policy? (p. 52)

15. What was this president trying to avoid by using a policy of neutrality? (p. 219)

16. What was the purpose of the SALT Agreement? (p. 285)

17. Between which two nations was the SALT Agreement?

18. Who was president when the SALT Agreement was reached? (p. 285)

19. Why was NATO formed? (p. 235)

20. What is the difference between isolationism & neutrality as foreign policies? (p. 219)

21. Why were the Neutrality Acts of the 1930s passed? (p. 220)

22. What did the Neutrality Acts “do?” (p. 220)

23. Describe the American policy of “cash & carry.” (p. 220)

24. During which time period was “cash & carry” a policy?



1.    What was the purpose of the Monroe Doctrine? (p. 56)

2.    Who was president when the Monroe Doctrine was passed? (p. 56)

3.    When was the Monroe Doctrine “used?” (p. 157)

4.    What is the purpose of NAFTA? (p. 298)

5.    Which nations are involved in NAFTA? (p. 298)

6.    Which president created the Roosevelt Corollary? (p.; 157)

7.    What was the purpose of the Roosevelt Corollary? (p. 157)

8.    To which prior American document & foreign policy was the Roosevelt Corollary “added to?” (p. 157)

9.    What is the “other name” of the Roosevelt Corollary? (p. 158)

10. Which president used Dollar Diplomacy” as his foreign policy? (p. 158)

11. What was the purpose of Dollar Diplomacy? (p. 158)

12. During which general time periods (general “event”) in history was containment our foreign policy? (p. 233)

13. Describe the policy of containment. (p. 233)

14. What was the US trying to “contain?” (p. 233)

15. When did containment begin? (p. 233)

16. What was the purpose of the Eisenhower Doctrine? (p. 254)

17. What was the purpose of the Lend-Lease Act? (p. 222)

18. Who was president when the Lend-Lease Act was passed? (p. 222)

19. During which conflict was the Lend-Lease Act passed? (p. 222)

20. Which president “started” détente? (p. 284)

21. What was the goal of détente? (pp. 284-5)

22. Why was the Peace Corps formed? (p. 273)

23. Which president’s program created the Peace Corp? (p. 273)

24. What was the purpose of Vietnamization? (p. 281)




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