Sunday, May 10, 2015

All Students: Regents Review Websites

Helpful sites include:

Click on your subject area and practice away!  My recommendation is to do the interactive questions, and I further suggest you do them by theme to reinforce the themes we are covering in class at that time.
Make sure you know your log in & password because you'll have review HW in Castle Learning within a few weeks.  I have no access to your log in, sorry.
Do a search for "Global History Regents Review" or "US History regents Review" and start watching!  Stick to ones made by teachers, not kids as projects for class in case they have misinformation in them.  For US History, the Hip Hughes videos we use in class are good, have solid info, and are usually less than 15 minutes long.

From a student:
I've used this website for regents review. You can actually take past regents online and it gives you scores. It works on phones too.

Know any other sites that you find helpful?  let me know so I can add them to this list for your classmates!

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