Monday, May 25, 2015

Global II: Homework Due Dates 5/27 - 6/3/15

Global H & G II                                                                                                          5/27 – 6/3/15

Homework Assignments

All assignments are due by the date listed in the “date due” column. 


All assignments are due by the date listed in the “date due” column.  Use your time wisely – do not wait until the night before to do all of your homework!  Take advantage of “light homework nights” to do another assignment that is due later in the week. 


Please see me in advance if you have any problems with any assignment.   The following heading must be used on all assignments to gain credit for your work:


YOUR NAME                                                                                  SUBJECT

ASSIGNMENT TITLE (on each assignment)                                     CLASS PERIOD

You must write out all questions AND answer in complete sentences for work to be accepted!

All work to be complete on “loose-leaf” or notebook paper!

Typed work will not be accepted!



Content Review
Conflict Group 1 Questions
Wed., 5/27
Content Review
Conflict Group 2 Questions
Thursday, 5/28

Content Review

Conflict Group 3 Questions
Friday, 5/29

Content Review

Human Rights Violations Group 1 Questions
Human Rights Violations Group 2 Questions
Important Documents Group 1 Questions
Monday, 6/1

Content Review

Important People in Nationalism Group 1 Questions
Important People in Cultural & Intellectual Life Group 1 Questions
Important People Group 1 Questions
Tuesday, 6/2

Content Review

Organizations & Ideas Group 1 Questions
Organizations & Ideas Group 2 Questions
Wed., 6/3



Study Flash Cards for 30-60 minutes per night


This is REVIEW!  If you can't find the information necessary on the page numbers provided in the Prentice Hall review book provided you need to do one of the following: use your prior knowledge (it is likely you already know the answer), go to your 9th grade notes, 10th grade notes, the Internet, review materials from class,,, or a different review book.  Not answering a question is unacceptable since this information has all been covered at some point in the last two years.


INCOMPLETE WORK WILL EARN A GRADE OF ZERO FOR THE ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT.  I have provided page numbers whenever possible.  Work that shows little to no effort will not earn any credit.  Work not in proper format will not earn credit.  Do your work, take care to do it properly, and help yourself work toward a successful Regents score!


There is no such thing as “late work” during Regents Review.  Turn it in by the date due or lose all credit on that assignment.  You are out of time for excuses!!!!!!


·         Page numbers are provided for a general idea of where to find the answers to questions.

·         "NIB" means "not in book" - you must use one of the methods listed above to get the answer.

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