Wednesday, May 6, 2015

All Students: Regents Supplies Q&A

A couple of people have emailed me about being able to find only the plastic index card dividers.  Here is what my suggestion has been to be in compliance with what you need Friday:

If that's all you can find, here is my suggestion: cut paper to cover a good part of 1 side of the card AND the tab. Tape them down, but only on the sides...this way you can write on the paper with a pen & don't have to worry about having a Sharpie.  I hope that helps!  Have the paper taped to at least 15 of them by Friday.

Remember, you need to have everything with you in class Friday:
- Highlighter
- Binder w paper (yes, it can be your current binder BUT you MUST have at least a pack of paper in there.  Any binder in chaos or disorder does not count as having your binder.)
- At least 2 identical pens, standard blue or black.  NO GEL PENS, no erasable ink.  Remember, blue pens must be the same company as blue inks vary.  Black inks do not.
- At least 300 3x5 index cards
- Index card dividers, also 3x5
- Index card box, flip top kind (as stated in class, not the thin plastic kind that snaps in the front or latches with a string, elastic, etc.)

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