Sunday, May 10, 2015

All Students: Regents Review dates

After-School Regents Review Dates

Friday, May 15th from 2 – 5:15 PM (late bus can take you home)

Friday, May 29th from 2 – 5:15 PM (late bus can take you home)

Friday, June 5th from 2 – 6:30 PM (must have a ride home, ride needs to be on time!)

Friday, June 12th from 2-6:30 PM (must have a ride home, ide needs to be on time!)

Monday, June 15th from 2 – 6:30 PM (must have a ride home, ide needs to be on time!)

This review has been very successful over the last 15 years with students who attend them in conjunction with being in class daily, are prepared, do their review HW, and study their flash cards nightly.  No one who has done all of these things has failed the Exam to date.


Here are the details:

1.     Sign up sheets will be put up on Monday and taken down at the end of school on Wednesday.

2.     If you sign up, you are expected to show up.

3.     If you are not coming to school, not coming to class, not doing all work as assigned, &/or are unprepared for class you are not eligible for these reviews.  You can & are greatly encouraged to attend the department sponsored reviews.

4.     All rides must be on time.

5.     If you would like to participate in the pizza ordering, please being exact change of $1.25 er slice to review with you.  It is unlikely I will have change so bringing the exact amount is important in order to place your order.  You may order as many slices as you like.

6.     You may bring a drink & your own sandwich (if you don’t want pizza.)

7.     Review is limited to 24 students per course.

Review is done in pairs by your course (Global in pairs, US in pairs.)  It is not a lecture, it is not notes.  It is you, using my personal flash cards (different from those you do in class), to study & internalize information with a partner.  It is timed & organized in a way to give you the maximum exposure to Regents topics during any review period.  You can work on your weakest areas.

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