Sunday, May 10, 2015

ALL STUDENTS: Regents Review HW

I have provided page numbers for you to find many of the answers to the HW questions.  However, they may not all be 100% accurate.  Pearson has a tendency to change things around in their books…so if you do not find the answer on the page I listed, LOOK FOR IT ELSEWHERE!  Check the index, check the pages before & after the one I listed, use your notes from Global I &/or II, use the Internet.

As already stated & written down, only that work that is done in the required format (since September) and is compete (nothing blank) will be issued credit.  This is REVIEW.  This is NOT NEW information.  This is YOUR exam.  YOU need to pass it in order to graduate.  YOU will be a repeater next year if you fail the exam in June.

This is all but YOU, all on YOU, and only YOU can take the test for you.  If YOU choose not to do the work, YOU WILL FAIL.  This is not me being mean, this is not a threat, this is a solid dose of reality.  Ask any repeater sitting in your class. 

Don’t want to be a repeater next year?  Don’t want your college choice to see a failing Regents score on your transcript & jeopardize future scholarship (or even admission) opportunities?  TAKE ACTION FOR YOURSELF NOW.




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