Monday, April 29, 2013

Global II: Geography Quizlet Set is ready!

For those of you signed up for Quizlet, use it as a serious review tool.  The Geography "Set" has just been finalized, so if you have played around in it before 4:10 PM today, there are a bunch more questions & flash cards added.

If you want to be sure you use your time well, here is my recommendation:
- Sign into
- Once in your class, click on "sets," then Global Regents Review: Geography (I don;t have the student version so I don't know if it automatically comes up for you.)
- UNCLICK all question types EXCEPT "written"
- UNCLICK all prompts except "definition"
- Type "31" into the question number box (so you see them all)
- Click on "reconfigure."

You are not proficient at the theme of Geography for multiple choice purposes until you can answer these questions, as fill ins, and get them all correct.  That said - I took the test myself just to try it out.  If you have the same answer answer as mine, consider it correct even if marked wrong.  I deliberately put answers that were correct but not identical to those I entered, and the site marked them wrong.  You'll know if that happens, and since I can see your grades you probably want to print out your answers to turn in so I can see that your score is higher than you got credit for.

Notice I said "proficient" and not "perfect."  There's a difference...

These flash cards can also be used as a study guide with the ones we make in class.  Practice id the one & only way tot pass this exam, so you might as well get a head start.  The information for every single question has been covered during your 2 years in Global.

Good Luck - and keep practicing!!


  1. How about for US History? Can I do the same and copy them onto my index cards?
    Diana Pena, Per. 7

  2. The first one for US isn;t ready yet, but when it is I will post it and then, yes, you can do the same. The SUpreme COurt Case set is very incomplete, still working on it. (Bu tthat doesn't mean you can't practice with what's in there right now!) As for copying onto index cards - you can certainly do that, but it does not replace the cards we will copy in class (just extras.)

    1. Oh, okay. Completely understood. Thank you.
      Diana Pena, Per. 7

    2. Supreme Court Cases #1 is finsihed Diana - #2 is not, but I think you can still access it.