Monday, September 8, 2014

All Courses: How has History Affected YOU assignment, due Monday, 9/15

This is a "repeat" of the writing assignment that goes with your Family Tree Chart, due Monday, 9/15 for all classes.  Remember, it's OK if you have blanks on the chart, but you were given sufficient time to have help from your family to try to fill in a couple of them.  I certainly do not expect you to be able to fill in the entire chart (but if you can, that's awesome!)
Also, we said no birthdates for you, your parents, or your grandparents so no one worries about that information floating around the HS!
This assignment is to connect you with the history you should already know & will be learning this year.  This has nothing to do with immigrant status because, as we said in every class, every last one of us in your class comes from immigrants - myself included.
This assignment is part of your Family Tree chart.  Not fully completing either, as instructed or required, will result in no credit for the assignment. 

Write a short “essay” (12 sentence minimum) on separate paper that contains the following information:

·        From what nations are your ancestors (living or dead)?

·        Who was the first person in your family to come to the United States?

·        Why did that person come here?

·        How did life change for that person?

·        How would your life be different if that person did not come to the US?

These are no questions for you to answer in a list, rather they are questions to consider when writing your “essay.”  There are certainly “more” questions you can answer to complete the assignment, feel free to add any information you think helps fully complete the assignment.  You may write more than 12 sentences, but you may not write less.

Use this as your heading:
Your Name                                                                      Course
Class Period                                                                    Family History Writing

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