Friday, September 19, 2014

Global II: Homework due Monday, 9/22

Be sure to use the required homework format!  These are more "thinking" questions than "copying the answer" questions.  THINK about the answers - we have discussed them & I know you know them!

Chapter 22 Questions


The Scientific Revolution

1.    What developments were the foundations of the Scientific Revolution?

2.    What role did scientific breakthroughs play during the Scientific Revolution?

3.    What obstacles did participants in the Scientific Revolution face?

4.    Why would the Church be concerned that Galileo’s ideas contradicted its worldview?

5.    Why might changes in the way people saw the universe change the questions they asked about the natural world?


The Enlightenment

1.    What role did philosophes play in the Enlightenment?

2.    How did Enlightenment ideas influence society & culture?

3.    How were European rulers guided by Enlightened thought?

4.    Describe three specific similarities between Maria Teresa of Austria-Hungary & Catherine the Great of Russia.


The American Revolution

1.    How did the Enlightenment influence the start of the American Revolution?

2.    Why did some colonists seek independence from Great Britain?

3.    What were the effects of the American Revolution?

4.    Why did intellectuals believe the formation of the United States carried out Enlightenment thought?

5.    What was the purpose of separating the federal government into three separate branches?



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