Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ALL STUDENTS: Proper Homework Format

All homework (unless otherwise directed) is to be completed in this way from today on:

1.  Your heading should be:
First & Last Name                                                                            Course
Class Period                                                                                      Name/Title of the Assignment

2.  All questions must be written out.

3.  All answers must be in complete sentences, rephrasing the question as part of your answer.
EXAMPLE:  If the question is "Why was John Locke against absolute monarchies?" your answer would start with "John Locke was against absolute monarchies because..(fill in your answer.)
This allows you to better internalize the information, even if you don't think it's doing you any good.

4.  All work is to be either (1) put in the HW basket prior to the bell OR (2) pass it forward if the bell has rung/is ringing.  NO ONE should be out of a seat once the bell has rung.  This includes stapling work together.  Simply put your name on all the extra sheets of paper you are turning in & I will staple them together for you.

5.  Homework is due on the date given.

6.  This is true for BOTH US History & Global II homework.  The ONLY exception is vocabulary - that can be in a list or on index cards.  No sentences on this one.  You can't study them effectively that way!  You will have vocab posted soon.

7.  You must do the work ON SEPARATE PAPER.  You can do more than 1 assignment on a sheet of paper (re-do the heading for each), but I will not take the work ON HANDOUTS.

As stated in class, should you choose to ignore the homework format as  have described it in class & here, you will lose credit on the work you turn in.

Please see me if you have any questions.  As a reminder, I do not check "school email" after 5 PM most days, so please email your questions early if any come up, & we can't access Engrade at school if you use that method to email me.

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