Wednesday, September 24, 2014

US History: Chapter 5 Questions (all sections)

Remember to use the required format for full credit - write out each question & rephrase it as the "first part" of your answer as discussed & gone over in class!

Chapter 5 Questions

Section 1: Experimenting with Confederation

1.    Why did Americans debate republicanism?

2.    Why was representation an issue debated by the Continental Congress?

3.    Why were the Articles of Confederation written?

4.    Why is the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 important?

5.    What political problems did the Confederation encounter?

6.    What economic problems did the Confederation encounter?

7.    How did debt from the Revolutionary War affect the new nation?


Section 2: Drafting the Constitution

1.    Why did Shay’s Rebellion take place?

2.    What convinced 12 of the states to send representatives to a new convention in Philadelphia in 1786?

3.    Why is Roger Sherman important?

4.    How did “big states” and “little states” differ on the issue on representation?

5.    Why was the Three-Fifths Compromise “necessary?”

6.    Explain the Three-Fifths Compromise.

7.    Describe “federalism.”

8.    Explain “separation of powers.”

9.    Why was the electoral college established?


Section 3: Ratifying the Constitution

1.    How are federalists different from Antifederalists?

2.    Why was The Federalist written?

3.    Why was Letters from the Federal Farmer written?

4.    Why did people demand a bill of rights?

5.    What did the bill of rights “spell out?”

6.    To whom did the rights in the Constitution and Bill of Rights apply?



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