Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Edmodo vs. this Blog...YOU Decide!

OK Chickadees, I have sort of (probably not really) figured out enough in Edmodo that it's time for you to we use Edmodo for notes/homework OR do we stick with this blog & posts as has been done for the last week?

You need to join your class - Global or US.  I have sent the password you need for your course to you via Engrade email.  If you haven't registered for Engrade yet, please do so, so you can give your opinion before  make up my mind.  If you have already signed in to Engrade, please check your mail for that code & head over to Edmodo (register if necessary, it was pretty quick for me), join your class, & look at the "assignment" I posted.  IT ISN'T A REAL's a practice run to see what we all think, myself included.

I also posted a poll for you to vote for Edmodo or the blog.  If I did it right.  Odds are not in my favor.

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