Wednesday, September 17, 2014

All Students: Engrade Info

Just in case you don't already know, if a grade is left "blank" in Engrade it means that is was classwork that you missed while legally absent.  The "blank" does not count in any way toward your average, nor does it represent a "zero."  Classwork cannot be made up.

If there is an actual "zero" in a column, it is for one of several reasons:
  • You got everything wrong on an assignment
  • You failed to do the assignment
  • You were not legally absent for the assignment
  • You missed a quiz or test and either the make-u date has not yet arrived OR you missed the posted make-up for that assignment.  If you miss the posted make-up date & time, you earn a zero. As stated in class & in writing, there is one make-up offered at a date & time posted in advance.  They are always after school, so if you can't stay after, don't be absent!
You should be checking your grades at least weekly (I update at least one a week) to stay on top of your current average.

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