Friday, September 12, 2014

All Students: Monday's Homework Quiz

Now that we've had many discussions about the blog and any questions you had were addressed in class over the last 2 days is your ONE SHOT at correcting any error you may have made last week.

IF you have a grade of 0 for the FIRST HWQ (Homework Quiz..."Copy Quiz") and IF you get 100 on Monday's quiz, I will drop your zero from that first quiz.  However if you do NOT get 100 on the quiz I must assume it's because you did not copy all the notes...and so the 0 will stand. 

To be fair to those of you who DID do your homework the first time (as evidenced by a 100 on that HWQ), IF you get a 100 on Monday's quiz I will change your first quiz grade to 200.  Nope, I'm not joking.  Have any idea what anything over 100 does to your average?  It skyrockets, since grading programs freak out if you put in anything over "100." 

IF you do failed the first HWQ AND you fail Monday's quiz no grade will be dropped.

See you Monday.

(PS - Engrade has been updated....)

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