Sunday, September 7, 2014

US History Expectations Letter: Hard copy to follow this week

U.S. History & Government

U.S. History & government offers students an examination of American History from our nation’s beginnings through modern times.  Students must pass both this course and the Regents Exam to meet graduation requirements.  The minimum passing grade is 65. 


At the conclusion of this course students should be able to successfully complete the U.S. History & Government Regents Exam.  Students should be well versed in the curriculum content and be able to apply it to multiple choice questions, thematic essays, and document based questions. 


Students are required to bring a loose-leaf with plenty of paper daily, standard blue or black pens, and a highlighter to class each day.  Students will need dividers the course, court cases, & vocabulary. Students will be issued textbooks and are responsible for keeping them in the condition in which the books were issued.  Students may be required to pay for damaged or lost books.  Books can be left at home if we have a class set available.



It is expected that students will follow all district, building, and class rules at all times.  Failure to do so will lead to consequences ranging from parent contact to administrative action. 

w   Students will be in their seats and ready to begin class by the time the bell rings

w   Preparation is the key to success – you must have all required materials every day or be marked “unprepared”

w   Students will be in class everyday.  Every missed class causes students to fall behind due to the amount of material we must cover each day. 

w   Cutting will not be tolerated and school policies will be strictly enforced, beginning with the first cut or illegal absence

w   Disruptions to the learning process will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in accordance with school policy

w   Any work missed due to a legal absence must be made up after school by the specified deadline.  Any work not made up by this date will receive a grade of zero (0).  Any work missed due to cuts or illegal absences cannot be made up and will receive a grade of zero (0). 

w   Students will need internet access for Castle Learning & class website to access assignments, extra credit, and notices


Averages for each quarter will be determined in the following manner:

            Tests: 35%                 Quizzes:   25%          Homework:   20%                 Class work:   20%    

Homework sheets should be distributed in the beginning of each chapter.  All due dates and assignments are on or attached to this sheet.  Please remember to read it carefully so you complete each assignment on time.  You may always hand in work early but assignments will not be accepted late unless the student was legally absent on the day it was due (it must be turned in by the beginning bell on the first day back to school, plus any assignments also due on that day).   All homework is due by the “start bell”.  Any work not turned in by then is considered late. 

U.S. History is not a difficult course, but it does require your best efforts.  If you do your best, complete your assignments, come to class everyday, and seek extra help when needed you should easily pass each quarter and the Regents.

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