Wednesday, September 3, 2014

All Students

I hope you each had a wonderful first day!

A few things to get you started (& easy stuff for you to take care of!):

1.  Quizlet is ready for you to join!  Please follow the directions given on the handout today.  The deadline to sign up is Friday, September 12th.  If you have signed up, as directed, & "approved" into the class by that date you have a test grade of 100.  If you do not, you have a test grade of zero and still have to sign up for the site.  This is the only place your exam review information will be posted.  Nothing will be handed out in class.

2.  Please know your Castle Learning username & password.  I don't have access to them so can't help you with either.  There is nothing further you need to do with Castle Learning at this time.

3.  I will start entering names into Engrade next week, once schedule changes settle down.  Once that's done I will give you your personal password to my classes (which you can change once you sign in.)  There will be a deadline for you to "check in" on Engrade.  I will post that once I have all students entered into it.

4.  You will have homework due starting Monday so be sure to check back here Friday night for it (I hope to have it posted tomorrow but unsure if that will happen.)  You will have a quiz using your homework on the due dates, so be sure to have it done & with you in class every day.  You should have no problem copying off yourself and get 100, right?  :)

5.  Once you have your supplies, please feel free to see me at the end of your class period to show them to me.  I will be happy to mark you as "prepared" in advance of the September 15th deadline so you don't have to worry about it.  I will only check you off in advance if you show me all supplies listed.  Remember, a dollar store is the same paper as Staples, just with less fancy packaging.  Nothing wrong with a binder, paper, or highlighter form the dollar store!

Finally, if you need to reach me, you can email me at  Please understand that I do not check email after 5 PM & it's hit or miss on the weekends.  Same for messages through Engrade, though you do not have that option yet.  Parents, please also understand that I have limited time to check email during the day (1 free period) & it is later in the day.  While I can generally get back to you quicker via email, it is not "instantaneous." 
I look forward to seeing you in class again tomorrow.  Remember your paper, highlighter, & pens!

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