Wednesday, September 24, 2014

US History: Advance Notice of Chapter 5 Vocab

This will not be due until the week of 10/5, but I'm posting them now so those of you who would like to can do them in advance.  The questions will be extra credit, the Vocab is not.  It is mandatory, as always.


1.     Republic

2.    Republicanism

3.    Articles of Confederation

4.    Confederations

5.    Land Ordinance of 1785

6.    Northwest Ordinance of 1787

7.    Shay’s Rebellion

8.    James Madison

9.    Great Compromise

10.  Three-Fifths Compromise

11.  Federalism

12.  Legislative Branch

13.  Executive Branch’

14.  Judicial Branch

15.  Checks & Balances

16.  Electoral College

17.  Ratification

18.  Federalists

19.  Antifederalists

20.  The Federalist

21.  Bill of Rights


“Regents Connections” Questions

1.    How did the Declaration of Independence in the U.S. reflect the enlightenment ideas of Europe?

2.    Why is the time of the Articles of Confederation referred to as the “critical Period?”

3.    Why were the powers of national government purposely limited?

4.    How did the authors of the Constitution fix the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?

5.    Why were no women, native Americans, or African-Americans included in the Constitution?

6.    How did compromises suggested and made deal with slavery issues?

7.    How was the national government under the Constitution different from the national government established under the Articles of Confederation?

8.    Why was the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution?

9.    How did the Bill of Rights satisfy Anti-Federalists?

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