Monday, September 15, 2014

All Students

As long as I get clearance from my doctor I'll be back tomorrow. Assuming that is the case, here are some things to know:
1. The homework quiz you were to have today will be given tomorrow.
2. I will check supplies tomorrow for those that have not shown me (no, you did not lose credit today.)
3. Your Connect to History family tree homework will be collected tomorrow at the start of the period since I was but there to collect it today.
4. I may not be able to check email, so if you sent/send one you may not get a response today. I'm sneaking this post as it is...
5. Since I'm not supposed to be on the computer (or phone like now!) no HW will be posted for tomorrow.
6. You should all be impressed that I could sneak this post using my phone. :)

See you tomorrow...

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