Sunday, September 28, 2014

All Students: Green & White Day!

Green & White Day is Back!
All students have the opportunity to participate in this fun event.  Green and White day requirements for the first marking period:

1.       A 75 or better average in all courses (not an overall average of 75.) 
2.       24 class absences.  (Notice the "class absences."  If you are absent for one day & have 8 classes on your schedule, that's 8 class absences because you missed 8 different classes that day.)
3.       10 class lates to classes.
4.       No ID’s purchased.

The above requirements are per quarter.  If you meet these requirements for the first marking period you're in!!  It's a great goal for yourself each marking period!

Green and White day is typically celebrated on the second Friday after the end of the first thru third marking periods.

We serve ice cream and give out approximately 60 prizes which include movie tickets, gift certificates to restaurants and stores, I tunes cards, back-packs, pens, cups, shirts, and we usually have several electronic gifts such as I-pods and I-pads.  You need a ticket to get in, and you can only get a ticket if you earn it based on the requirements above.  It's a great event, it's free, and everyone has the same chance at winning any of the prizes.
With progress reports coming soon (yes, we've been in school that long already!), it means half of the marking period is already over.  Either get your averages up to where they need to attend OR keep them there if you're already at or above the minimum needed!  It ends in time for the 3 PM bus & everyone gets a bus pass.

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