Tuesday, September 23, 2014

All Students: Important Message!

An email was sent out during 7th period today that affects the make-ups scheduled for tomorrow.

The HS will be practicing an Emergency Early Release drill at the end of 8th period tomorrow.  As a result, all after school activities with the exception of JV & Varsity sports are cancelled.  There are no 3 PM buses, but there will be a 5:30 bus to accommodate athletes.

1.  You must go to your locker & get everything you need for the long weekend BEFORE 8th period.  The email states we are not allowed to permit you to go to your lockers after 8th.  The buses will not wait, and there will be no late bus.
2.  Tomorrow's make-ups for legal absences from this week must be pushed off to next Thursday, October 2nd.  Same time, same place.

Global II kids - don't forget to study!  Your review has been open in Quizlet since September 4th!

US kids - don't forget to do your vocab & study it!

See you all tomorrow!

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