Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Global II Homework: May 29 - June 4

All essays can be found in your review book or online at www.nysed.gov.  Look for prior Regents Exams and print out the page you need as necessary.  paper copies of homework will no longer be available.

Essays require the same homework heading used all year. You assignment title is the month & year of the thematic essay.

Students are required to turn in:
  • Their thematic essay outline
  • Their thematic essay
Credit for work will only be given if both parts are turned in.  The outline should be n separate paper and stapled in front of your essay.  Failing to write a complete essay or do the outlined as gone over in class will cause your assignment to be "incomplete" and there for get no credit.  Each essay counts as a separate test grade.

Again, go to the back of your review book & find where the Regents Exams are located.  Look for the month & year of the exam as indicated before the essays listed below.  One you find the correct exam, go to the page with the thematic essay. 

If you spoke with me on 5/30 (Thursday), you can turn in today's essay by Monday.

DUE: Wednesday, 5/29
June 2012 Regents Exam Thematic Essay (given out today in class)

DUE: Thursday, 5/30
January 2010 Regents Exam Thematic Essay (in Review Book)

DUE: Friday, 5/31
January 2011 Regents Exam Thematic Essay (in Review Book)

DUE: Monday, 6/3
August 2011 Regents Exam Thematic Essay (in Review Book)
June 2011 Regents Exam Thematic Essay (in Review Book)

DUE: Tuesday, 6/4
January 2012 Regents Exam Thematic Essay (in Review Book)


  1. Mrs.Ramo can we pick any person or topic we want to write an essay for the regents ?

    1. Destiny - Yes...providing the person answers the task & is "eligible" for discussion on the Global Regents

  2. miss, i'm having a blond moment. how do i know what essay is the one i'm doing?

    1. David - Did you solve your blonde moment yet? And by the way, where were you today? You know which essay it is by going to the regents exam listed (by month & year), them look for the thematic essay in that exam. It is right in between the multiple choice & the DBQ.

    2. Mrs.Ramo can the conflicts with israel be used for the issues after ww2 essay?

    3. Anything that satisfies the question can be used. It does not have to be in the suggestions to be used, it just has to "qualify" to answer the task. I am not being deliberately unclear, but in 10 days you won't be able to ask me this while taking the test, & if you do I'm not allowed to answer you. What I can say then is what I'll say now - read the teas, figure out what qualifies for use, and do it.

  3. Mrs.Ramo for the essay for the regents an outline can be made right ?

    1. If you read the directions given in this post above it requires you to turn in the outline with your essay.