Friday, May 31, 2013


Lots of new Quizlet sets posted for
Global II & US History. 
Global I has a final exam review already posted.

If you didn't bother to sign up when you were told to do so, you can request to be added to your class by this Friday for your last chance at online review on this site. 

You must do the following:
  • Sign up for the FREE Quizlet using your REAL first & last name (as it appears on your paperwork at school.  No freaky screen names.) 
    • Quizlet will recommend your name with numbers at the end if your name is already being used by someone else...that's fine.
  • Once registered, you must request to join your class. 
    • US History is under "Mrs. Ramo's Period 7 Class." 
    • Global II is listed under "Mrs. Ramo's Periods 2 & 6 Classes." 
    • Global I is listed under "Mrs. Ramo's Periods 3 & 4 Classes."
  • If I recognize your first & last name (which means you registered as instructed), I will approve your request to be admitted into the class.
Here are a few things you should know:
  • I'm not doing a search for you.  That's your job - you search for your class, as instructed above.
  • I'm not approving anyone past 9 PM Friday night.  That's THIS Friday, 5/31.
  • Only those originally signed up are eligible for the extra credit that goes along with using the site
  • Using Quizlet is just as good as using your flash cards, especially if you play the speed games & test yourself.
You have 48 hours & 27 minutes before this last window of opportunity closes. 
I will not extend it. 
Don't bother asking. 
The answer is NO.
Go do your homework, then sign up.

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